A career in engineering and part-time musician was no obstacle for Steve when he made the transition to painting. Born in the UK, he migrated to Australia at age 14. He always thought he was a painter – he just didn’t paint!

Steve describes himself as a realist painter who paints in an impressionistic style. He paints landscape, portraiture/figurative paintings and still life. While he does not have a favourite subject, if he has been painting landscapes for a few days he can’t wait to paint a face or a figure and more recently, still life.

Steve paints in oils and acrylics. He loves to draw, mainly figurative/anatomy subjects. He is attuned to the Australian landscape, valuing time spent painting outdoors.

Steve is a well-respected art teacher. Meeting people who share his love of painting is gratifying. He conducts regular workshops and demonstrations and is the recipient of several art prizes and commendations. Steve has featured in The Australian Artist magazine and The Artist’s Palette.

There are many renowned painters whose work Steve admires. His extensive library of art materials is a constant source of reference and inspiration. Admiring the work of other artists ensures Steve strives to continue to achieve his personal best.